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The First Generation
The first printer in the family was Ralph Richardson, born in 1890. Before he was ten years old he sold magazine subscriptions to get the money to buy a "Junior Excelsior Printing Press and Outfit for Boys" complete with moveable type, ink and blank cards for printing. Born into a farm family, his passion was printing. He was acknowledged to be "One of America's best typographers".

The Second Generation
Richardson Printing began when Robert Richardson Sr. bought the Owens Printing Company, a two person shop in Marietta, Ohio in 1944. Bob Sr. was known in the industry as a visionary, able to anticipate changes in technology. Ralph soon joined Robert at the newly formed company. Both men were passionate about printing, the history, the craft and the technology. Both were dedicated to producing the finest possible work. It was a formula for success and growth.

Printing as a Craft
And so began a family tradition — a business with roots in printing as a craft, with its history of typography and design skills but with a willingness to move and change with the times.

The Fourth Generation
Four generations have experienced many changes in the technology, evolving finally to the digital era, but that tradition continues to be the foundation of the family business— pride in workmanship, personal service and the quality of the printed image.